Gateways for XMPP and Matrix

Built-in gateways

The main IRC network on provides gateways (sometimes called portals) to allow connections from XMPP and Matrix accounts. For this we host our own instances of Biboumi (XMPP) and Appservice-IRC (Matrix). All IRC channels are automatically available via these gateways and should work almost like native XMPP or Matrix channels.

How to connect from XMPP

IRC Channels can be acessed like regular XMPP MUCs via Please be assured that despite the warning in your XMPP client, our IRC network does not expose your JID on public channels. For a permanent connection (IRC bouncer like) double check that the "persistence" channel setting is enabled or configure it via an ad-hoc command.

It is possible to authenitcate via this bridge with your IRC SASL account through ad-hoc commands, learn more about the gateway usage here.

If you are for example using the Cheogram mobile client you can authenticate yourself this way: First add the "" gateway as a contact. If you open the chat there are two tabs at the top. Click on "Commands" and select "Configure a few settings for that IRC server" from the menu. Then you can specify your IRC username and SASL password and complete it by pressing Finish at the bottom.

You can create easy to share invite-links for XMPP here.

How to connect from Matrix

Room addresses syntax is something like This makes it possible to connect with external Matrix accounts. It is possible to authenitcate via this bridge with your IRC SASL account, learn more about the portal usage here.

After setting up a user account on the IRC server, you can login to your registered irc account through the Matrix bridge. This is easiest to do if you haven't yet connected to the IRC server through the bridge bot. The commands for the Matrix bridge bot ( are:

!storepass (password) and !username (username) and then !reconnect

The simplest way to join an irc channel through the bridge service is to message the Matrix bridge bot: !join [] #channel [key] or you can use invite-links for Matrix created here.

Privacy notice

Please be aware that due to the federated nature of these services chat-logs and user names will become available to 3rd party services and may be retained indefinitly by them. No sensitive internal user-data from is shared however.

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