Git forge

Quick guide to our git forge and related services.

Main Forgejo git forge

The main centre of is the git forge utilizing Forgejo. Forgejo is a community driven soft-fork of Gitea, maintained by the non-profit organisation. Forgejo is entirely Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS).

Once you have an account, you can log into the git forge and your account should have already been automatically added to any organisations (groups) that you mentioned during your account application. 

To anyone familiar with, Forgejo should be relatively easy to navigate as the differences in the UI design are not that large. You can also access any git repositories through the usual http git interface. For security reasons direct ssh git access is disabled.

You can find the full Forgejo user guide here. There is also a nice mobile client for Android that you can install from F-Droid.

Package repositories

Forgejo comes with a built in package repository for various package managers, see the full list of supported formats in the current version 1.20 here. We are currently investigating which formats to enable, given how some of these can be very bandwidth heavy.

We are currently in the process of testing the full code search options and open to enable it soon on our Forgejo.

Upcoming federation

Soon Forgejo will be able to federate via the ActivityPub protocol with other Forgejo and Gitea instances. This means that similar to Mastodon etc. you can follow and interact with members of other git forges directly from this website.

CI/CD build service

This is still a work in progress.

We are currently evaluating different options.

Very likely we will offer Forgejo actions (compatible to Github actions).

We are also looking into offering the highly flexible Buildbot system for trusted members.

Another option might be the Woodpecker CI system.

Code review

We are also looking into hosting a local instance of Renovatebot for automated code-review and dependency management.

Translation integration

This is a work in progress.

We plan to offer a fully integrated Weblate instance with this git forge.

This will include a high performance machine translation system based on LibreTranslate, which is hosted on our servers.

Other related services

Opengist pastebin

Linked to our main git forge, we also offer a fully git enabled pastebin service for sharing small code snippets or ad-hoc documentation. You can access it here via your main account. This service utilizes the great Opengist software.

Channel bot webhooks

Atheos web IDE

We are currently testing the lightweight Atheos web IDE for easy code development right in the browser. It will be accessible here, but currently login is still disabled for regular members.

Bookstack wiki

Even though every repository has a small built in wiki, it is also possible to use this wiki here for more extensive documentation projects. It is based on the great Bookstack project and accounts are fully integrated with our git forge.