Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2024-06-10


We will try to keep it short and to the point as likely neither of us is a lawyer. is run by a group of FOSS enthusiasts that take your privacy just as serious as their own. We operate on the principle to store as little data about you as feasible to ensure a good service. However at times we might make trade-offs between privacy and usability. Please let us know if you have suggestions how to improve the privacy of our users.

Data location and storage

We utilize servers located in the EU (Portugal) for hosting our service and therefore all relevant GDPR related legal obligations apply.

Whatever data is collected is stored on servers we have sole control over and won't be shared with any third parties whatsoever. However, if we are compelled by law enforcement to give up your email, IP address, or any other information, we will reluctantly comply. As such, we will try to minimize the personal information we are storing about you.

3rd party data processors

Emails for registration and notifications send by our servers are routed through a SMTP service hosted by OVH in France. No personal data is otherwise processed by third parties.

When connecting to the IRC network, IRC client IP addresses are cross-checked against the EFnet RBL API to block known network abusers and require SASL logins for Tor exit node users.

IP addresses

Some of our applications collect your IP when you sign up. At the moment, that information may be kept indefinitely. However, we are working on either completely disabling it or setting something up that will periodically delete stored IP addresses. When we do, this document will be updated accordingly.

IP addresses from connecting devices are also sometimes stored short-term for functional reasons such as web-server access logging and temporary user access tokens.


User passwords are stored in hashed form only and not transmitted in clear-text. We recommend setting up two factor auth and utilize app-passwords where possible.

We will ensure that our software by default does not include any 3rd party trackers (cookies, embedded external resources etc.), but this does not prevent the software from automatically displaying user posted images or link-previews that are loaded from 3rd party servers. This currently includes 3rd party cookies from for example.

All cookies set by us are purely functional and are not used for tracking or other non-functional uses as defined by the GDPR.

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