Fediverse Akkoma instance

About us

https://outmo.de is a general purpose Fediverse instance running the ActivityPub (Mastodon etc.) compatible Akkoma software.

It was started in early 2023, to provide an instance to the admins of https://f-hub.org but can be used by anyone willing to adhere to the rules and terms of service.

Currently registrations are open but require admin approval.

A secondary purpose it to test out the F-hub.org hosted services setup and experiment with XMPP integration for Fediverse instances.

Additional features

Our Akkoma instance has an machine-translation feature utilizing a LibreTranslate instance on our own servers, so no data is shared with 3rd party services. It works quite well with most European languages and a few others.

We also run our own Meilisearch indexing software for improved local search of posts and hashtags. 

ActivityPub Federation

Sometimes ActivityPub federation is not quite working as expected by many people. This is mainly because an Fediverse instance can only know about posts and other instances it previously interacted with. As a result not all replies are always immediately visible and polls might not reflect the full results as visible on the original instance.

Here is a nice flowchat that illustrates the issue:


Source: Casolotl

Often it helps to paste the original url of a post or reply into the search bar.

Mobile Apps

While our Akkoma software supports a wide range of ActivityPub apps via the Mastodon API, some of the additional features work best with the following mobile apps:

If you come across another app that works well with Akkoma, please let us know.

XMPP account

When registering on Outmo.de you automatically get an XMPP (aka Jabber) account on the same user ID.

So if your Fediverse ID is mrfancypants@outmo.de you can also be reached via the XMPP federation on the same JID.

Learn more about XMPP on Joinjabber.org.

Our server runs the latest version of Ejabberd and you can check the health status here.

You can use the F-hub.org XMPP invite page to share your contact and invite other XMPP users to chat rooms.


We currently recommend the following mobile apps for XMPP:

On desktop PCs use either Gajim or Dino.

Upcoming features

There is still some work to do to enable video calls on our Ejabberd XMPP server. Hopefully we will be able to enable it by the time Monal has full support for it as well.

We will also support using XMPP as a UnifiedPush distributor.

We will also try to integrate a XMPP web-client into our Akkoma frontend.

There is also a plan to enable some Slidge gateways to other chat services like Telegram or Signal.

WebDAV storage

When you register an account on Outmo.de, you will automatically also get access to a small WebDAV and Nextcloud compatible cloud storage. Please note that this is only a file-storage and we do not plan to add CalDAV or CardDAV.

For now we limit the storage space to 100mb to prevent people from using our servers as a photo back-up location.

The small space it however still very useful for syncing notes and bookmarks between devices and storing smaller files for sharing them online.

We use Karadav for providing this WebDAV storage. It comes with a basic but fully functional web-interface that you can access on:


This address can also be used in many WebDAV compatible apps, although sometimes they will require adding the full path like this: https://webdav.outmo.de/files/yourusername

Tested apps: Floccus, Orgzly and many more.

Known issues as of May 2023: Nextcloud Android app not connecting & external JS WebDAV clients with CORS problems.

Fediverse instance hosting

This instance is also a test-bed for the planned Fediverse community hosting service. More details will follow soon.

The plan is to offer lightweight managed Fediverse servers (Akkoma and similar; no Mastodon sorry) for individuals and small groups.  Please be aware that this will not be professional hosting by any capacity! It will be provided on a donate-what-you-can modality and you will need to provide your own domain for it.

The advantage over a rented VPS will be more flexible payment options and additional shared back-end services like LibreTranslate, a chat server and fast search support etc. As some of these systems can be quite server resource heavy, it is usually not possible to add these on cheap VPS offers with very limited RAM, compute and storage.