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How to apply for an account?

We are currently in the process of setting up an account application procedure during this soft-launch period.

The basic procedure is to get into contact with us via our chat network (no account required for that) and explain to one of our admins why you would like to have an account.

Generally is open to FOSS projects and the requirements otherwise are minimal (we require a user-name and a working email address). If you are a member of an organisation already hosted by us, please mention that in your application as it will fast-track the decision process and we can directly add you to the respective organisational group.

Once approved you will get an automated email with instructions how to set your password. If for some reason you are not receiving this e-mail or do not have a working email address, we can pre-set a random password and share it with you for one-time access to our account management web-interface.

Please note that aims to be a membership supported organisation and thus combining your membership with recurring donations is strongly encouraged (but not mandatory). We reserve the right to monitor your use of our system resources and might decide to terminate your account if resource-use and contributions (monetary donations or otherwise) are not in balance.