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Documentation of the website and hosted services



Wikis related to hosted projects.



Terms of Use, Privacy Policy etc.

Chat Network

Documentation for our hybrid IRC / XMPP / Matrix chat system.


Fediverse Akkoma instance


Open-source game development

Tools for humanitarians

Solarpunk imagines a world in which today’s existential threat - the climate crisis - is being approached with camaraderie and adaptive ingenuity.


How to get and manage your account.

Git forge

Quick guide to our git forge and related services.

Group forums

Loomio group collaboration tool.

Learn more about Solarpunk

Some more in-depth reading

Terms of Use


Last updated: 2023-02-10 General terms These Terms of Use cover all of the services hosted by is run by a group of volunteers and is not a formally established legal entity (yet?). By registering and using an account on the serve...

Privacy Policy


Last updated: 2023-02-10 Preamble We will try to keep it short and to the point as likely neither of us is a lawyer. is run by a group of FOSS enthusiasts that take your privacy just as serious as their own. We operate on the principle to store as li...

Introduction to our IRC network

Chat Network

Our IRC network can be accessed with an IRC client on via port 6697 (SSL only). It runs on the modern IRCv3 capable IRCd It therefore comes with built in history and multi-client connections out of the box and no additional bouncer is...

Gateways for XMPP and Matrix

Chat Network

Built-in gateways The main IRC network on provides gateways (sometimes called portals) to allow connections from XMPP and Matrix accounts. For this we host our own instances of Biboumi (XMPP) and Appservice-IRC (Matrix). All IRC channels are automati...

Bridges to other chat systems

Chat Network

We provide chat bridges/gateways to other networks, but please be aware that they are often in breach of those services' terms and various privacy caveats apply. Matterbridge bot bridge We run a Matterbridge instance that allows linking channels though a singl...

Common IRC commands

Chat Network

Ergo IRCd Our IRC network runs on the modern IRCv3 capable IRCd It therefore comes with additional built in features and network services that can be accessed via in client commands. Quick cheat sheet Note: The preferred methode for account creation...

ActivityPub Federation

Sometimes ActivityPub federation is not quite working as expected by many people. This is mainly because an Fediverse instance can only know about posts and other instances it previously interacted with. As a result not all replies are always immediately visib...

XMPP account

When registering on you automatically get an XMPP (aka Jabber) account on the same user ID. So if your Fediverse ID is you can also be reached via the XMPP federation on the same JID. Learn more about XMPP on Our ...

Mobile Apps

While our Akkoma software supports a wide range of ActivityPub apps via the Mastodon API, some of the additional features work best with the following mobile apps: Husky for Android (get it on F-Droid) Moshidon for Android (get it on F-Droid) Tusker for i...

WebDAV storage

When you register an account on, you will automatically also get access to a small WebDAV and Nextcloud compatible cloud storage. Please note that this is only a file-storage and we do not plan to add CalDAV or CardDAV. For now we limit the storage s...

About us is a general purpose Fediverse instance running the ActivityPub (Mastodon etc.) compatible Akkoma software. It was started in early 2023, to provide an instance to the admins of but can be used by anyone willing to adhere to...

Channel bot

Chat Network

We provide an advanced IRC channel bot that provides many small usability improvements for IRC users and channel admins. The bot is based on Limnoria (formerly known as Supybot) and supports a wide range of modules. Features for users (this is a stub, check ...

About aims to provide a set of easy to use cloud based tools for humanitarian aid workers to use and collaborate with. The main service is a cloud file collaboration suite based on Nextcloud that can be found here. Registration is currently disabled,...

Lemmy instance

Learn more about Lemmy on Due to previous abuse and to keep an eye on total user numbers, all new registrations need to be approved by one of our site admins. Since server resources are not unlimited we will close registrations should o...

About is a community of Free and open-source (FOSS) game developers and players. Our aim is to bring players and developers together. We do this by providing various hosted services to smaller open-source game projects to help them cater to a player...

Code of Conduct

This page is still a work in progress. Also refer to the official CoC of the Lemmy project. Tl;dr: Solarpunk is about looking towards brighter futures. Please try to find optimism in what can be very grim realities. This means moving away from doomer ta...

What is Solarpunk? Learn more about Solarpunk

From the perspective of the early 21st century, things look pretty grim. A deadly cocktail of crises engulf the people of planet Earth and all other forms of biotic life which share it: a geopolitical crisis, an economic crisis, and a worsening ecological cris...

A Solarpunk Manifesto Learn more about Solarpunk

Solarpunk is a movement in speculative fiction, art, fashion, and activism that seeks to answer and embody the question “what does a sustainable civilization look like, and how can we get there?”  The aesthetics of solarpunk merge the practical with the beaut...

Solarpunk as Anarchist Infrapolitics Learn more about Solarpunk

Social transformation never happens through economic or legal changes alone. Those changes are always accompanied by alterations in the more informally transformative spheres of culture and ideology, shaping the nuts and bolts of how people think and act. Anar...

Donations & funding goals

It is currently not possible to donate directly to Please donate to the Lemmy developers if you have some funds to spare. But you will soon be able to donate via LiberaPay to the umbrella organisation that is operating the ser...