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About aims to provide a set of easy to use cloud based tools for humanitarian aid workers to use and collaborate with.

The main service is a cloud file collaboration suite based on Nextcloud that can be found here. Registration is currently disabled, but will be subject to admin approval in the future.

For working-group coordination a Loomio forum is available here. If you already have an account, you can log in with the Nextcloud button, but group moderators can also easily invite guest users via email or chat.

Current work in progress:

  • ODK Central mobile data collection
  • Odoo Procurement and Cash distribution platform
  • OpenDroneMap areal mapping software

If you have suggestions what hosted service would be useful for your work, please let us know.

Our work is volunteer based and our hosted services are completely free to people active in the humanitarian sector.

Paid consultancy work might be available in the future for more complex tasks.