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Lemmy instance

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Due to previous abuse and to keep an eye on total user numbers, all new registrations need to be approved by one of our site admins. Since server resources are not unlimited we will close registrations should our instance become too large.

Basic rules

  • be constructive: there is no need of another internet space full of competition, negativity, rage etc.;
  • no bigotry, including racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia or xenophobia;
  • be empathic: empathy is more rebellious than a middle finger;
  • no porn and no gore: let’s keep this place easy to manage;
  • no ads / spamming / flooding, we don’t want to buy/consume your commodified ideas;
  • occasional self-promotion by active members is fine.

Please note that these rules are just basic guidance on what to expect moderation wise. Ultimately it is up to our moderators to decide on a case-by-case basis and according to their own judgement what is acceptable or not.

Also see the (work in progress) Code of Conduct.

Licensing of contributions

By using this site you agree to license your original contributions under the terms of the CC-by-SA 4.0 or later. Please make sure to clearly mark any contributions that are not original as such.

Creating communities

We made the decision a while ago to open community creation to all members. We hope that this will cater to contributors making this instance their home and reduce lurking. Communities should have some thematic relation to Solarpunk however.

Creating communities comes with some responsibilities:

  • Active moderation of communities you create (you can add additional moderators yourself though)
  • Please add a community avatar and a basic side-bar text explaining what the community is about
  • Make a short introduction post to tell us a bit about yourself and why you created this community (this is mandatory!)

Communities that do not adhere to this and/or are seemingly abandoned by their original creators (and no one is willing to take over) will be pruned from time to time.

Blocked instances

We currently block the following instances:

  • - Reason: "free-speech" taken a wrong turn to the extreme right
  • - Reason: primarily tankies and red-fash
  • - Reason: fake domain used for trolling only
  • - Reason: extremist Hinduvta (Hindu nationalist) run instance
  • - Reason: source of harassment and new home of people from
  • - Reason: mostly the same people as on
  • - Reason: run by Facebook
  • - Reason: abused by right-wing trolls

The full list of linked and blocked instances can be found here.

Typical reasons for de-federation:

  1. An instance that has no intentions to co-exist peacefully in the federation and the problem starts with the admins. This warrants a permanent de-federation by
  2. An instance is temporarily overwhelmed by spammers/trolls or has grown too big to have efficient moderation and thus poses an active threat to the federation. This usually warrants a temporary de-federation but can at times require a permanent one if the admins of that instance are not cooperating in getting things under control.

Please use the report function if you think additional instance blocks are warranted.

Please note: While our instance has NSFW posts disabled and does not allow posting of porn or other such material, we will not block other instances that allow NSFW posts on those grounds alone. Please use the report function if you encounter any NSFW content that is not properly tagged as such or is likely illegal in the EU.

Our instance is registered with Fediseer and guaranteed to do active moderation against spam. Should the need arrise we will enable the automated endorse-list provided by this project on short notice.

Alternative front-ends and clients

It is generally not advisable to use un-trusted 3rd party front-ends and clients, as Lemmy currently requires to share your clear-text password with these 3rd party services. Please consider this carefully before trying out such alternatives.

For older PCs we host our own instance of the lightweight "old" Reddit inspired mlmym front-end on

We also host Photon, Alexandrite and Voyager frontends.

For Android the Jerboa client developed by one of the Lemmy developers is likely fine. Get it from F-Droid here.

Please note that we have not done a code audit for either of the above, but they should be reasonably safe to use.

We are still investigating other alternatives and will update this section of the wiki accordingly.