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Donations & funding goals

It is currently not possible to donate directly to Please donate to the Lemmy developers if you have some funds to spare.

But you will soon be able to donate via LiberaPay to the umbrella organisation that is operating the servers.

Here we will list the approximate costs, although not everything can be neatly separated from which shares servers and infrastructure with.

Hardware investments

  • Second-hand UPS and new battery ~ 140€

Recurring Costs

  • domain and basic out-going email hosting: 13 € / yr
  • Glass-fibre internet connection: 40€ / month
  • Electricity consumption: around 10€ / month for the current servers

Funding goals

  • Short term: recovery of hardware investments
  • Medium term: switch to a fully solar-powered server
  • Long term: compensation of some time spend on server maintenance