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Server hosting

This is a work in progress is hosted by, a volunteer driven and non-commercial effort to host federated community services in a resource efficient and ethical way. grew out of a community of open-source game developers ( that has existed since the early 2000s.

All the servers are operated and maintained (as a hobby) by one of the founding members and are currently located on the Azores in Portugal. Connectivity is provided through a dedicated high-speed fibreglass connection.


The servers are based on second-hand consumer PC and data-centre hardware, but optimized for low energy consumption. Battery backup power is provided and data is stored with triple redundancy (off-site backups are still a work in progress). Electricity is currently provided by the utility grid (about 60% green-energy, mostly from a geothermal power-plant) but it is a work in progress to upgrade to a on-site solar PV system for near 100% renewable power. itself currently runs on an Intel Xeon CPU server with 20 threads, 64GB ECC RAM and NVMe SSD storage in raid configuration. Image uploads are stored on a SATA SSD raid array. All data is snapshotted daily and transferred for backup to large HDD raid array on daily basis.

External services

Given how difficult it is to have outgoing email accepted by the large email providers, all emails are currently routed through an external SMTP server hosted by OVH in France (same as the domain registration and DNS routing).

There are backup plans to move the servers to a co-location data-center owned by Altice, should this be required for scaling. However, monthly rent of rack-space is quite costly (starts at around 300€/month), thus this will require a substantial regular donation base to be possible.