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Oauth2 provider

Our Forgejo git forge supports connecting external services via the Oauth2 provider API. This is a password-less, scoped and token-based authentication method that can be safely used with 3rd party apps.

You can access your personal Oauth2 access tokens via the Settings -> Applications menu where it is also possible to revoke access tokens. As an organisation repository owner you can also generate access tokens there.

For example, our internal Opengist service is directly connected via Oauth2 to your main account. But 3rd party native apps such as GitNex can also use it. You can also log into our Loomio group collaboration tool via Oauth2. If you already made a Loomio account, please make sure it uses the same email address and then it is possible to link it to your main account via Oauth2.

For more details, please see the Gitea documentation.