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Bridges to other chat systems

We provide chat bridges/gateways to other networks, but please be aware that they are often in breach of those services' terms and various privacy caveats apply.

Matterbridge bot bridge

We run a Matterbridge instance that allows linking channels though a single bot account. Due to the RELAYMSG support of our IRC network, user-names are displayed nicely on the IRC side, but overall the bridging quality is not comparable to other options below. The bridge needs to be set up manually, so please get in contact with us if you want a specific channel bridged to an external service this way. Due to the complexity involved, we can not offer all options theoretically provided by Matterbridge, but services such as Discord, Mumble, Telegram, Mattermost, Rocket-Chat and many others should work. Depending on the external network this can sometimes require admin permissions on the remote channel.

Advanced Discord bridge

While we do not recommend using Discord, we are aware that many FOSS communities have channels there. Luckily there is a very nice bridge available to link Discord channels to IRC called Dibridge. We have been running several instances of this bridge for a while now and the usablility is quite nice from both sides of the bridge. Please get in contact with us if you want a Discord channel bridged this way. You will need to have admin rights for the Discord server to configure the bridge with us. Please note that Discord bots and other Discord bridges are currently not relayed to IRC by this bridge.

External XMPP channels

We are still investigating how to best bridge external XMPP channels, although basic bot bridging via Matterbridge is already possible. Please get in contact with us if you have recommendation or would like such a channel bridged.

Room plumbing with Matrix bridge

If you have an existing Matrix room you would like to plumb to an IRC channel on our network, please get in contact with us. Usually it is sufficient to invite the bridge-bot ( to the channel and then we can plumb it to our IRC network.

Matrix double-bridging

Due to certain technical considerations it is against the ToS of some other IRC networks like to directly plumb Matrix rooms that are already bridged with our appservice-irc bridge/gateway. As a work-around we can bridge such rooms with Matterbridge, but the usability will be somewhat degraded. Please get in contact with us if you need such bridging and we can discuss the details.

Built-in gateways for XMPP and Matrix

The main IRC network on also provides gateways (sometimes called portals) to allow connections from XMPP and Matrix accounts. All our IRC channels are automatically available via these gateways and should work almost like native XMPP or Matrix channels. Learn more about this here.