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Channel bot

We provide an advanced IRC channel bot that provides many small usability improvements for IRC users and channel admins. The bot is based on Limnoria (formerly known as Supybot) and supports a wide range of modules.

Features for users

(this is a stub, check back later for more details)

The bot responds if its name is added to the front of a message like this bot or to certain commands starting with "@" like @help. You can also /msg the bot privately for registering your IRC nick with the bot (more on this further below).

The bot will join a channel by inviting it via /invite bot. Once it joined the channel, basic commands are available to all users. You can try out most of the commands on our #botplayground channel. Please do not spam other channels with this :)

Other features of the bot are for example to send notes to unregistered users, create polls or schedule reminders and tasks.

Features for channel operators

(this is work in progress, check back later) 

Limnoria also offers a range of features to channel operators such as automatic link previews, automatic RSS/ATOM feeds etc.

Once you invited the the Limnoria channel bot via /invite bot to your channel it will automatically start previewing URLs. It is possible to disable the automatic link previews in a channel via bot config channel #channel supybot.plugins.Web.titleSnarfer False. For more details on this feature see the official Limnoria documentation.

RSS or ATOM feeds can be added via the RSS plugin. Add a feed using bot rss add somefeedname Where somefeedname is an internal arbitrary name for the RSS source you can chose freely. To have new news automatically announced on the channel, use bot rss announce add somefeedname.

Git forge integration

Limnoria can also be integrated with git-forge webhooks for automatically posting about new issues and PRs on your project's Github or Forgejo instance.

Please check back later for how to configure this.

Slack webhook integration

Via Limnoria's Grapnel plugin channels can be integrated with Slack like webhooks. You can add a channel specific webhook endpoint via bot grapnel add which will make the bot send you the secret webhook URL in a private message. You can replace your-cool-app-name at the end of the URL with the name of the sending app; it will be then reflected in the output notice by the bot.

Auto-moderation features

(this is a stub, check back later for more details)

Limnoria can help protect against channel flooding and nick spam with some built in features and the AttackProtector plugin. We are also looking into how compatible the Sigyn extension is with our IRC network.

Other features

Fediverse integration

(this is a stub, check back later for more details)

Limnoria allows interacting with ActivityPub compatible social media websites.


(this is a stub, check back later for more details)

For some of the more advanced features you need to first register your IRC nick with the bot.

Once you are registered with the bot you can ask one of our network operators to get elevated permissions for further bot configuration.