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IRC Clients

IRCv3 capable clients are strongly recommended for accessing our network, but any IRC client that supports direct SSL connection and SASL auth is supported.

Mobile clients

For Android, Goguma is well supported and recommended. It can be installed easily via F-Droid.

For iOS users we recommend connecting via our PWA and WebPush capable The Lounge web-client; see more details below.

Please let us know if you have other good suggestions, especially for mobile Linux.


We offer unauthenticated access via an easy to use Kiwi-IRC webclient that also supports IRCv3 history. This is ideal if you want to share a link to a channel somewhere like this:

For registered members we also offer an advanced The Lounge webclient that is aways connected and allows sharing files with rich media pre-views etc. It can also be installed as a PWA and supports push notifications. Learn more about it on their official website.

Desktop clients

Sadly there are not a lot of desktop IRC clients that support the advanced IRCv3 features already. But if the client supports ZNC bouncers, that gives at least partial functionality.

For TUI clients Senpai is a good choice as it supports many modern IRCv3 features.

XMPP and Matrix clients

Since our IRC network offers first-party gateways for XMPP and Matrix, you can also use any client for these federated networks to connect with your external account from another server. For XMPP we recommend using the cross-platform desktop client Gajim.