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XMPP account

When registering on you automatically get an XMPP (aka Jabber) account on the same user ID.

So if your Fediverse ID is you can also be reached via the XMPP federation on the same JID.

Learn more about XMPP on

Our server runs the latest version of Ejabberd and you can check the health status here.

You can use the XMPP invite page to share your contact and invite other XMPP users to chat rooms.


We currently recommend the following mobile apps for XMPP:

On desktop PCs use either Gajim or Dino.

Upcoming features

There is still some work to do to enable video calls on our Ejabberd XMPP server. Hopefully we will be able to enable it by the time Monal has full support for it as well.

We will also support using XMPP as a UnifiedPush distributor.

We will also try to integrate a XMPP web-client into our Akkoma frontend.

There is also a plan to enable some Slidge gateways to other chat services like Telegram or Signal.