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WebDAV storage

When you register an account on, you will automatically also get access to a small WebDAV and Nextcloud compatible cloud storage. Please note that this is only a file-storage and we do not plan to add CalDAV or CardDAV.

For now we limit the storage space to 100mb to prevent people from using our servers as a photo back-up location.

The small space it however still very useful for syncing notes and bookmarks between devices and storing smaller files for sharing them online.

We use Karadav for providing this WebDAV storage. It comes with a basic but fully functional web-interface that you can access on:

This address can also be used in many WebDAV compatible apps, although sometimes they will require adding the full path like this:

Tested apps: Floccus, Orgzly and many more.

Known issues:  external JS WebDAV clients with CORS problems.