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This page provides guidance for channel owners and operators on how to deal with spam and abuse. If you are interested in general guidance on what moderation to expect and is expected from you, please refer to our Code of Conduct.

Banning users

Typically a /kick usernick will be sufficient to send a message to disruptive users, but they are free to join again.

A /ban usernick will permanently ban a user from a specific channel based on their IP address (IP addresses are not visible to non-admins, but are tracked internally based on an obfuscated user ID). Please note that sometimes IP addresses are shared or the spammers use tor exit nodes, so banning on IP might cause collateral damage to other legitimate users.

Channel modes

/mode #channelname +m will make a channel moderated, meaning everyone is muted by default and needs to request permission to speak. This can be temporarily done via /mode #channelname +v usernick. Registered users can be given permanent permission to speak ("voice") via /amode #channelname +v usernick. There is also a +M mode that does this for registered users automatically, but sadly +M isn't currently understood by the Matrix bridge, resulting in the unfortunate situation that spam messages remain possible and visible on the Matrix side (the Matrix bridge does understand regular +m though).

/mode #channelname +R will only allow registered users to enter the channel. Note that already joined non-registered users need to be kicked for this to have an effect on them.

/mode #channelname +u will hide system messages from unvoiced clients. This can be for example useful when someone uses nick changes to spam a moderated channel.

/mode #channelname +i turns the channel into invite-only mode. Users can be invited with /invite usernick.

All channel modes can be reversed by using the above commands, but with a - instead of a +

Use for example /mode #channelname -m will remove voice restrictions for all channel participants.

Moderation bot

More details on a how to configure the channel bot to help with moderation (flood protection for example) will be added here soon.

Network wide options

Network administrators also have some options to deal with network-wide spam and abuse. Please get in contact with us if you think this is an required response.

/uban add IP will permanently ban an IP from the network.