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Hosted groups

Expanding on the old service of hosting phpBB sub-forums for project coordination, it will soon be possible to request Loomio groups. Once a new group is created, we can designate a group-admin to take over control.

Loomio groups are fully self-managed and group-admins can create new sub-groups by themselves. Group membership is also on an individual group level and members can be added or removed easily.

User-creation is open to existing members via the Continue with Oauth button. This will redirect to the main Forgejo page and request permissions to access email and user name. Once this is done, single click login is available. 

Existing group-admins can also create secret invite links for quickly on-boarding external users easily (please do not share in large public chat groups). Alternatively groups can be configured to show a public request membership link, where people can sign-up with their email and group-admins can manually approve their accounts.

If a user wishes to upgrade their external email login based account to a full account, all they need to do is use the "merge account" feature in their profile settings.

This page is still under construction.