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Server hosting

This is a work in progress is hosted by, a volunteer driven and non-commercial effort to host federated community services in a resource efficient and ethical way. grew out of a community of open-source game developers (freegame...

IRC Clients

Chat Network

IRCv3 capable clients are strongly recommended for accessing our network, but any IRC client that supports direct SSL connection and SASL auth is supported. Mobile clients For Android, Goguma is well supported and recommended. It can be installed easily via F-...

IRC Network accounts


Our IRC networks supports registering accounts directly via NICKSERV for legacy reasons and to allow non-members to use all the features of our IRC network. Click here for a quick guide on how to register legacy IRC accounts. You can however also use your reg...

Oauth2 provider


Our Forgejo git forge supports connecting external services via the Oauth2 provider API. This is a password-less, scoped and token-based authentication method that can be safely used with 3rd party apps. You can access your personal Oauth2 access tokens via t...

Primary LDAP accounts


The primary account backend is based on LDAP and after applying for an account all linked services will work with the same user-name and password combination. Typically it is sufficient to use the user-name alone, but in some cases the chosen email address or...

How to apply for an account?


We are currently in the process of setting up an account application procedure during this soft-launch period. The basic procedure is to get into contact with us via our chat network (no account required for that) and explain to one of our admins why you woul...

Access to hosted servers


This is currently still a work in progress and will likely require an independent account with 2FA credentials for SSH access. Please let us know if you are interested in becoming an alpha-tester of this service. We plan to provide some low-powered ARM64 roo...

Main Forgejo git forge

Git forge

The main centre of is the git forge utilizing Forgejo. Forgejo is a community driven soft-fork of Gitea, maintained by the non-profit organisation. Forgejo is entirely Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). Once you have an acc...

Other related services

Git forge

Opengist pastebin Linked to our main git forge, we also offer a fully git enabled pastebin service for sharing small code snippets or ad-hoc documentation. You can access it here via your main account. This service utilizes the great Opengist software. Chann...

CI/CD build service

Git forge

This is still a work in progress. We are currently evaluating different options. Very likely we will offer Forgejo actions (compatible to Github actions). We are also looking into offering the highly flexible Buildbot system for trusted members. Another op...

Translation integration

Git forge

This is a work in progress. We plan to offer a fully integrated Weblate instance with this git forge. This will include a high performance machine translation system based on LibreTranslate, which is hosted on our servers.

Quick into to Loomio

Group forums

Loomio is a highly advanced group collaboration and decision-making tool for horizontal organisations. You can find our public groups here. This page is a work in progress.

Hosted groups

Group forums

Expanding on the old service of hosting phpBB sub-forums for project coordination, it will soon be possible to request Loomio groups. Once a new group is created, we can designate a group-admin to take over control. Loomio groups are fully sel...

Link to chat services

Group forums

Loomio can be easily linked to external chat services. For now, refer to the official documentation on this here. We are currently working on a more stream-lined integration with our own hybrid chat network. This page is a work in progress.

XMPP chat integration

This is a work in progress. Accounts from the Lemmy instance automatically function as XMPP accounts via the same federated address. We also run a Movim web-client on for chat and long-form blogging. Learn more ab...


Chat Network

This page provides guidance for channel owners and operators on how to deal with spam and abuse. If you are interested in general guidance on what moderation to expect and is expected from you, please refer to our Code of Conduct. First you need to be channel...

Code of Conduct


Last updated: 2024-02-25 This is a work in progress, please check again later.