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Introduction to our IRC network


Our IRC network can be accessed with an IRC client on via port 6697 (SSL only). It runs on the modern IRCv3 capable IRCd It therefore comes with built in history and multi-client connections out of the box and no additional bouncer is required. We also fully integrate with XMPP and Matrix via our own gateways that allow federated access to any IRC channel.

Registering accounts

Accounts from are automatically registered on our IRC network can can be used to authenticate via SASL login. In addition it is possible to register independent accounts through NICKSERV like on other IRC networks. Please contact us in those rare cases where there is a conflict with an existing user account name.

Channel history

Channel history is automatically logged by the network itself (via IRCv3 history standard) and stored for 30 days. It can be easily accessed by history capable IRC clients or alternatively via /history #channel 6h or similar, pleae see the full guide here.

IRC tutorial

If you are new to IRC, please refer to our IRC tutorial that explains basic features and commands.

IRCv3 capable clients are strongly recommended for accessing our network. For Android, Goguma is well supported and recommended.

We also recommend using XMPP to connect via our XMPP gateway. The best cross-platform desktop client for this is probably Gajim.


We offer access via an easy to use Kiwi-IRC webclient that supports IRCv3 history and file-uploads (todo). You can also connect with our XMPP Movim instance (details to follow) or ConverseJS XMPP web-client.

Helper bot

We run a helpful little bot that can be invited to any channel via /invite bitbot. Type !help to ask the bot for instructions. You can learn more about it on our dedicated wiki page here.


Our IRC network also offers gateway access from federated XMPP and Matrix accounts. Please note that due to the federated nature of these systems chat-logs may be stored for a longer period on connected third party servers and the gateways themselves.